Ben Simmons Spotted Alone After Kendall Jenner & Anwar Hadid Makeout Session

Ben Simmons is powering through the Kardashian drama.

With Kendall Jenner’s relationship status becoming more and more unclear with each passing day, Ben Simmons looks to be the unfortunate guy being pulled along for a ride on the Kardashian drama train. Many have been passengers on the locomotive but few have made their way out without it taking a toll on their careers. Tristan Thompson is the most recent victim of the Kardashians and we all know what happened to Lamar Odom. It appears as though Ben Simmons may have found an out earlier than we may have expected when, after spending a few inseparable dates with the second-youngest Jenner, the Philadelphia 76er is back to living life solo dolo.

Both Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner looked to be enjoying each other’s company when, shocking the entertainment world, Kendall moved on with 18-year-old Anwar Hadid, younger brother of Gigi and Bella. The two made out at an afterparty for the CFDA awards and, from the looks of things, Ben Simmons may not be too interested in being in a polygamous relationship for the time being. TMZ spotted Simmons in West Hollywood, getting dinner without Kendall after the photos found their way onto the net. After spending nearly every day together, going on bike rides and having sleepovers at fancy hotels, their coupledom seems to have ended before it even started.

Maybe Ben will slide back into Tinashe’s DM’s now? Seems unlikely since there are reports that she is moving on with, ironically, Kendall Jenner’s ex Blake Griffin. The most complicated love triangle in Hollywood continues…

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